How can I know the truth about what’s going on in Egypt, and what I ought to think? How can I know the truth of what’s happening anywhere around the world, even here in a city I reside in? I read different takes on what the US should do, what the West needs to do, …
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Egyptian Revolution: The World Is Our Country

How can I know the truth about what’s going on in Egypt, and what I ought to think?

How can I know the truth of what’s happening anywhere around the world, even here in a city I reside in?

I read different takes on what the US should do, what the West needs to do, etc.

It’s easy for me or us to make moral judgements from over here; when there’s civilian vigilantes roaming the neighbourhood with guns, our moral perspectives can change quickly.  Morality is often defined by the situation, I think.  I may believe any one thing passionately and then change my mind and convictions instantly with a gun pointed at my neighbour.  Who knows?

I don’t know anything.  I *think* if I was pushed to choose sides right now and pick up a weapon in an all-out civil war, I’d go with a certain side whose direction and ambition I personally support.  But then again, I might be the 3rd person shot as it all breaks out, and dead before it’s all over.

Why does so much political change happen around the planet, throughout time, through violence?  Even Martin Luther King and Mohandas Gandhi used violence; they used the other side’s violence to highlight their side’s superior morality and moral worth.  What is it with us?  We respond to brute force, man.  We really do.

I think that globally, our general, human “Jungian” common consciousness still feels trapped by the Wild Jungle, that we’re still living our PTSDisorder from all the cheetahs and floods and pythons and lightning bolts.  Many of us can’t trust each other enough yet.

One reason I so passionately believe in one united world is because it is inevitable; the age of nations has produced remarkable results in channeling human creative energies in various directions, be they sport or architecture or economics or other.  I think it produced better than the age of the church; someone living in Pericles-era Athens remarked that living for themselves brought out a noteworthy best in all and in bettering themselves, they bettered the city.  Certainly the church directed some remarkable human energies; from the Sistine Chapel to the Inquisition.  The age of countries has seen insane progress you wouldn’t even believe!: even BETTER architecture; space exploration (YES!  Actually exploring freaking SPACE around the planet!); competing global economic systems duelling to the death to prove which works for humankind and which doesn’t; and stunning leaps in human art (e.g. STAR TREK by Gene Roddenberry).  People will look at the whole planet as their home, and all of humanity as their common ancestors.  It will be an exciting time when everyone living for themselves as in Pericle’s Athens makes the city as a whole just as improved as themselves.  I don’t think it’s really possible to avoid this future, which is why I think we should do all we can to hasten it.  Get it over with and get it on, baby!

It’s remarkable that in the age of the iPhone, people in parts of the world should still be duking it out with guns in the streets with their neighbours over who has the right to make the laws for all.  If I grew up in Egypt, I’d be a different person.  I support the revolutionaries who are against the Brotherhood; Egypt was already unhappy with a dictatorship and many people don’t want to live under a religious government.  Maybe I’d be part of the Brotherhood if I were raised in Egypt.

People, we can stop civil wars like this from ever happening.

All it takes is for the modern democratic world to unite, into one, with a mission to conquer the world by invitation.

Let the USA, and Europe, and Australia, and New Zealand, and South Africa, and parts of South America, and Japan, and Korea, and Canada, and, oh, just for the fun of it, Iraq, and any others I’m not immediately thinking of, all keep and govern their own domestic affairs.  Me, I vote to surrender the right to decide what side of the road to drive on to a united modern world federation, and to go in for the same healthcare around the planet within the federation, but whatever, I’m not fussy.  Keep those decisions within Tokyo and Auckland; it’s fine with me!

I and the average Australian or Frenchperson or Argentinian are fairly overall in general part of the same cultural dynamic.  This pre tense that I can’t travel freely to Japan and move freely to San Francisco is a freaking farce.  Okay, North Korea and Iran, and let’s say, China, and, okay, let’s say Russia, and of course, obviously Congo and Uganda (duh); these places, I see why there are borders that we’d want to cross surrounding those places.  Between Canada and America???  Between Canada and Australia?  AND New Zealand?   AND Britain and France?  As if all 6 “countries” aren’t exactly the same country anyway.  Oh, I get it, alright — France and America don’t have a Queen.  (Sure, okay, in a fantasy world, Elizabeth II is magically *not* the Queen of France and America.  Let’s pretend!)  Oh, and yes, Australia and Japan are all the way over in another time zone (like Boston and Seattle are).  These are the same place.  We all dig each other.  We all get along.  We all regard ourselves as on the same side (ie. against the Chinese Communist-Capitalists and bad space aliens, and the landing site of the good aliens).

We should have federated, oh, like, sixty years ago.  And if you meet our threshold checklist of basic respected rights, liberal democratic government, economic freedom and functioning civil institutions, you can join in, too.

Here’s what would have happened: we’d still have iPhones.  America is the best and attracts the brightest and Steve Jobs would have still invented the smartphonecomputerpad; a few more geniuses besides Jobs and Albert Einstein would have appeared.  Russia would have relented, oh, about two decades earlier and hopped on.  So, maybe we wouldn’t have made it to the moon (or, maybe we’d be on Mars already).  I bet Cuba and Jamaica and, yes, Venezuala and Chile and Argentina all would have applied to be accepted and eventually been accepted and we’d have at least two and maybe four less dictatorships.  Egypt and, who knows, Jordan and, who knows, um, maybe India (ie. Pakistan), would all be competing to be fair and democratic and just and stable and economically viable enough to get in with the (Nice, Welcoming) Cool Kids in the Modern World Federation.

We’re the example of what’s working and what’s best.  The more we cooperate and learn from each other (America’s system produces the most inventions, the Danish system (or wherever) provides the best healthcare system at the lowest most efficient cost) the better we become and grow, and the more the average person in Iran or China or Egypt wants in on what we have.

We have a responsibility to get along more and drop more borders; that responsibility is to the unlucky dogs who live in places like Egypt where an armed civil war could break out right in front of you at any moment.  The more we unite and work together, the better our human lives commonly become, and the more others will see that our system works and realize that they want in.

The idea that people support a religious government is insane to me.  I know people like that here, sure.  There’s a few.  Not that many.  I believe people support the religious Brotherhood “party” out of ignorance, and their ignorance is partly founded on the modern world’s failure to organize the global political structure such that the average person on the street in the worst parts of Egypt might easily recognize the superior civilization AND feel invited and welcomed to adapt and join into it.

I believe the modern world should join into a federated empire of modern thought and invention, as diverse as New York and Toronto and London and Paris (and Dubai), and that that federated empire should colonize the entire planet, not by conquering, but by inviting and welcoming.  Our failure to do this already is the real reason that Egypt’s revolution’s demand for democracy has not been satisfied.

No matter what the maps say, the world is your country.