Screenplays I've written:

LEO LEO: comedy – An angry young man wakes up next to his 10-year old self with the chance to raise himself the way he always wanted. (Toronto International Film Festival Screenwriting Mentorship winner)

Mr. ORCHARD: thriller – A moody loner teen discovers his charming and handsome next-door neighbor was once a masked vigilante now in hiding from the police, and uses the discovery to blackmail Mr. Orchard into fighting his battles for him. Apt Pupil moves next door to Batman. (Nicholl Quarterfinalist)

CON MAN: thriller – An FBI agent in the Fraud Division springs a scheming con man from prison to hunt a criminal genius cyber-plotting against the Department of Homeland Security. But Connor Mandell, the world’s greatest con artist, has other plans in mind. (developed with Zero Gravity)

THE UNFAMILIARS: adventure – An orphan cat from the mean streets becomes an animal familiar, and must team up with the other familiars in his owner’s coven after their witches are kidnapped by a socialite sorceress raising a demon familiar from Hell, in 1970’s Manhattan.

WAITERS: romantic comedy – A cool-headed manager tackles the busiest weekend of the year with an all new staff, and the world’s most despicable boss: it’s a fake romantic comedy hiding a devious revenge heist.

COCKSTORM: thriller satire – In a world dominated by women, an aging spy dreading retirement must choose between love and honor when she falls in love with a boy named Lavish Ride while battling industrialist titan Gates Cockstorm’s designs for a new world order.

TOMCAT: thriller – A loner with anger issues prowls his neighborhood in a homemade superhero suit and gets into big trouble.

CANNIBAL RUN: thriller – A good old boy must haul a refrigerated beer truck loaded with a precious cargo of antidote across a zombie wasteland. (written by Pete Barnstrom and Jamie Nash and Jason Holborn)

THE QUEEN OF ZINE: comedy – Four zinesters cope with failure and disillusionment while excitedly preparing for their zine convention and the arrival of keynote speaker Angel Jones, the self-titled Queen of Zine.

SOUR GRAPES OF WRATH: comedy – An independent Obamamaniac and a partisan conservative blogger mistakenly fall in love in Toronto during the 2008 election showdown.

Z, or ZOMBIE HIGH SCHOOL MASSACRE: dark comedy/thriller – Anyone can be good, or evil – morality is often a question of timing and circumstance. A school shooter with a knapsack & hockey bag of guns and ammo locks and loads and heads to class… on the day of the zombie apocalypse. But… by 4:15 he has saved the school, and become the man and anti-hero he never imagined he was worthy of being.

HALLOWMEAN: Comedy – An embittered and angry Halloween hater maneuvers to cancel trick or treating around the town… and is visited by three ghosts who change his outlook. (Written by Jamie Nash, Mistah Pete Barnstrom, and Jason Holborn)

Screenplays I'm writing:

GOLDFISH: A man unable to form new memories loses and must find his girlfriend’s dog before she returns home from work at 5:30. His intelligence is fierce and his will is strong. He does not realize the dog exists.

A MOUTHFUL OF CANDY, or, PUSSYCAT: comedy – After his girlfriend innocently sends him into a profound and panicked sexual identity crisis, a confused and gullible stoner must pull himself together before meeting his idol, Candy Russell.

Screenplays I want to write:

JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN: comedy – A homeless misogynist bum and a regretful transsexual with class anger share an apartment for six months.

THE HOUSE ON WHITE’S ROAD: An upper middle class black family move into their dream home, which is haunted by the ghost of a southern Civil War General. The Huxtables haunted by Colonel Angus.

WARBRIDE: aka Miss Moneypenny: The Movie: thriller – After her superior suddenly dies of a shocking, mid-meeting heart attack with a defence contractor, the prim, maternal secretary at America’s most Top Secret Intelligence Service smells a rat and illegally seizes control of the agency and all available field agents to foil the very same defence contractor, who is in fact the killer, plotting a devastating terror attack in order to nudge the laws of supply and demand.  Miss Moneypenny outmaneuvers Lex Luthor.

TAKE 28: comedy – A celebrity couple in the middle of a painful, public breakup must perform a love scene for a film crew over and over and over again.  By the end of the day, the crew gets the shot… and the actors are back in love.