In a way I can’t believe I spent this kind of time on CAPTAIN AMERICA; however in Grade 2 I heard, one Remembrance Day, a horrifying story that I never forgot, and this movie had the exact same story in it.  It hit a personal nerve and compelled me; this movie really got me as …
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In a way I can’t believe I spent this kind of time on CAPTAIN AMERICA; however in Grade 2 I heard, one Remembrance Day, a horrifying story that I never forgot, and this movie had the exact same story in it.  It hit a personal nerve and compelled me; this movie really got me as a result!!

I like the comics format, and commercial comics’ characters, yet commercial comics suck. I love Superman, yet I love him because of the Movie. It wasn’t the comics that got me onto him.

This movie re-defined “superhero” to me: Steve Rogers as a very mortal human must pass tests from Higher Powers and consistently make right, just choices — then he wins the Prize: BEING ALL HE CAN BE

-He answers the right question: No, he doesn’t want to kill.
-He impresses for extra credit by using his brain despite his small size: Un-pins the flag.
-Ignoring the personal slights and bullying of all the bigger, stronger men surrounding him, Steve sees the Team as the most important item, more important than himself: he sacrifices his life without a second of hesitation to save his fellows in arms, for the spirit of the liberty and personal freedom that he values for everyone in the world.
-Lastly he suffers like Jesus on the cross (but only for a second)

He’s granted powers. Story begins.

It’s the inverse of Superman, who must be born in rural Kansas in order to be worthy of his powers. Steve must be a true “Kansan” to be bestowed with power.

I’m not going to read the comics; but Captain America is my new favorite Superhero. What a great, fun character they deliver.  Sure, there are “mistakes” in the script, but this movie got me all the same.

Genre: Superhero WRONG
1 A fool whose innocence is his strength and whose gentle manner makes him likely to be ignored
2 An “establishment” (the US Army and Second World War Effort) the fool is mis-matched with, after being sent to a new place in which he does not fit — at first.
3 A “transmutation” – the fool becomes someone or something new, often including a “name change”

Opening Image: Dim Light coming through haze of white… you could spend all day reading metaphors and imagery into this movie

Changing weather patterns have revealed to human eye an immense structure too big for a crane, submerged into Arctic Ice. OFFICIAL MEN AT WORK discuss the mysterious find. A Laser Drill cuts steadily into the ice/wreckage.

Humans enter Wreckage with Gear and Lights. Explore around. One finds: THE SHIELD OF CAPTAIN AMERICA.

Set Up Flashback: Old Gentlemen in a Cellar or Encased Room… confident “they’ll never find it”. Then a BATTERING RAM or BULLDOZER erupts into their chamber. A LIMO with a Skull and Tentacles Ornament parks. Soldiers part for SCHMIDT. He respects men of vision but calls the Gentleman’s bluff. Discovers a MYSTIC SEEMING TRANSLUCENT CUBE. Schmidt calls the Gentlemen’s Bluff again. Schmidt threatens Gentleman’s family, friends, anyone, and the Gent’s eyes give away the location. Schmidt finds the REAL CUBE OF MYSTICAL/SCIENCE POWER.

Something’s up with his Jaw and his skull pin has blood on it.

Min 7:50 Steve Rogers is rejected from the Army as 4F though he is keen to volunteer and dispirited to not be able.
“A LOT OF GUYS GETTING KILLED OVER THERE, I GOT NO RIGHT TO DO ANY LESS” (Theme Stated: Steve believes passionately that he has no right to do less than his part)

Min 9 Cinema: Steve sees even small children giving their all, in newsreels. A loud heckler yells at the screen/newsreels, Steve stands up to Heckler.

Heckler pounds Steve in Alley.

9:42 Most obvious moment possible when Steve improvises a shield. Yawn. “I can do this all day” he vows to the HECKLER now beating him up. Steve won’t stay down. (You don’t hold a shield up to fists, do you? Weakly done moment. If Steve had lipped and the Guy picked up a bar or pipe, spurring the shield improvisation, this would have worked better)

Steve’s rescued by JAMES ‘Bucky’ BUCHANAN, his pal, a GI with orders to ship out tomorrow. Steve feels unworthy to not be going as well. He and Bucky have a double date at the World’s Fair. With 2 Pretty Girls. Seems Bucky is better with ladies than Steve.

Tony Stark’s Dad displays a flying car model prototype to an amazed crowd.
Stark: “I DID SAY A FEW YEARS DIDN’T I”? and Steve sees an Uncle Sam poster wanting him

First joke: A soldier sees his reflection in a “be in the army” sign; Steve steps up next but isn’t tall enough to reflect in mirror.

Bucky tries to talk Steve out of this Army stuff, calling Steve on his need to prove something.
But Steve stays behind and lets Bucky take off with both ladies.

Catalyst Stanley Tucci as Professor Erskine NOTES Steve, listens, and watches him enter.

Steve (min 14;40) realizes there’s a “problem” and spots the “no lying on application” legal sign. Frightened by MP, then Professor Tucci. But it’s not about the lying after all…

Prof Tucci is German, does that bother Steve? It doesn’t.

Prof is on to Steve’s multiple lies and attempts. Does Steve want to kill Nazis?
He doesn’t want to kill anyone. He doesn’t like bullies and he doesn’t care where they come from.

Steve’s truth comes out: he’s from Brooklyn, and the Prof has given him a 1A rating. Steve is in the Army (min 17)

Now to a CLIFFSIDE LABORATORY in the mountains (Alps, presumably?). Dr. Zola calibrates a machine for Schmidt. He’s a technical genius; so is Schmidt. Zola questions if the experiment will work at all. Schmidt opens the POWER CUBE and inserts it into the Device. Impatient, Schmidt accelerates the experiment – which is a success. They’ve extracted (?) a plowing material/light from the Cube.
It will change the war, says Zola in awe. No, corrects Schmidt: the World…. Min 19 30

Break Into Two, into the Change Machine and New World of Act 2: The US Army
In the US at an army training base a ravishing and strong female presence AGENT CARTER (B-Story) greets the new recruits and one, HODGE, insults her as a woman. Carter puts him in his place easily and impressively. Clnl PHILLIPS dresses down the saucy GI.

Phillips: Machines fight wars and men win them, and we have the best MEN (Phillips now doubletakes at Steve)

Min 20 – Basic Training. Phillip’s VO announces ONE will be selected as the new breed of super-soldier to escort Hitler to jail. Who will be selected? Can Steve hack it? Will the Red Skull capitalize on the Power Cube?

A Run with the troops – Min 21 – Drill Sergeant challenges: any man who can get the Flag off the pole gets a ride back home with Carter. Steve approaches when the DS calls them off.

Steve unpins the flagpole and drops it. He thanks the DS for the ride and takes his spot in the Jeep with Carter (Min 22), the first recruit ever in 25 years to achieve the feat

Steve struggles in push ups.

Phillips says NO to Tucci selecting Steve. He’s a pathetic specimen. Tucci wants NON-PHYSICAL elements. Phillips demands that Hodge is the soldier and PROVES it by throwing a GRENADE and SCREAMING “GRENADE!”. The GI’s FLEE IN PANIC but STEVE ROGERS HURLS HIS OWN BODY ONTO THE GRENADE AND “SAVES” THE SQUAD. He cries out to Carter to “Stay back!” as he curls himself around the bomb to absorb the blast. Even Phillips recognizes he’s lost and that Steve will be the Choice. IOW The Chosen One (Min 24) “He’s still skinny,” but Steve has Ended the debate and saved the cat!*

*Blake Snyder was even more right than I imagined. Within minutes I was pretty sure this movie would knock me out because I would forgive ANYthing after this moment… I was totally, successfully manipulated into rooting for Steve no matter what.

Fun & Games
At night, alone in barracks, Tucci informs Steve of his story: Johann Schmidt is a brilliant military soldier and works for Hitler. Schmidt is the REAL version of Hitler’s fantasy. He believes in a superior race of humans and he coerced Tucci into designing him a super-serum. Tucci reveals: Steve is good and was chosen for that reason. Weak knows the value of strength and compassion. Steve is modest: “Thanks. I think.” Steve can’t have a drink before the test. Tucci wishes him to be a Good Man more than a Perfect Soldier.

Min 27 Meanwhile Schmidt entertains an ARTIST painting with RED PAINT (great touch) in the Cliffside Laboratory. Schmidt knows that Tucci is in America working. He has given the order already (ie. for sinister action versus Tucci)

Min 29 Steve knows this neighborhood by all the beatings he’s received. If you start running you’ll never let it stop. He has no idea how to talk with a woman.

They arrive at a downtown retail Antiquities Shop called BROOKLYN ANTIQUES (because Steve himself, a Brooklynner, is an antique by the end?). Carter knows the secret password and the Shopkeeper lets them into the Secret Passage (Min 31) into the Top Secret World of Project Super-Soldier, a hi-tech operating theatre. Tucci greets Steve – implores Photographer to hold off.

Phillips talks to bureaucrats about using the Brooklyn city electric supply and CLEM from the State Department. MR. STARK arrives on-scene. Steve is strapped into a scary Isolation Chamber to insulate him from all human contact as he undergoes a radical seeming major procedure of experimental proportions, all alone. Steve feels strong about the commencement; however, that was just penicillin….

Steve confronts fear as the Serum is INJECTED. The panels CLOSE. He jokes about going to the bathroom.

He SCREAMS IN AGONY as the procedure ramps up. The Vita-Rays wind up. Carter screams to stop it. Tucci AGREES!

Steve climactically screams from inside the Isolation Chamber and insists: HE CAN DO THIS

The machines overload.

The Chamber opens to reveal… CHRIS EVANS as Captain America. Phillips narrates that Tucci “did it” and Clem from State leaves behind a Wallet.

Amazing success! Tucci sees Clem BLOW THE BOMB and steal the LAST REMAINING SERUM! “STOP HIM!” screams Tucci, as he dies, touching Steve once in the solar plexus/heart. Steve looks up, ready to give his all.

Clem kills the Shopowner and runs into the street – a Gunfight ensues. Clem tommyguns Agents. Carter tries to shoot Clem. Clem takes off in a car and WOULD HAVE KILLED CARTER but Steve throws her away. Carter is angry Steve ruined her shot.

“Sorry” apologizes Steve, running after the cap. He pushes harder and now he discovers he’s faster than he imagined – even BAREFOOT – and he braves the city streets after Clem’s getaway vehicle in a harrowing chase. Steve looks a Gun in the Face but is saved by a car crash – which he and Clem both survive. In the Next Most Obvious Moment Steve uses the starred cab door as a shield to stop a bullet. Clem kidnaps a Child Hostage and flees. Steve BEGS him not to – but Clem’s out of bullets. He dunks the Kid – Steve is urged on by the Kid, who can swim (because all citizens should be prepared and knowledge of swimming is a citizen skill). Clem activates a Secret and Awesome Sub Bat-car and Steve dives in to catch up and SMASH his way into the cockpit. But Clem dies before talking, killing himself, vowing 2 more heads shall take the place of any one killed. HM IS THERE TWO RED SKULLS IN PT 2?

Steve looks down at his new body and realizes his power and purpose. (Moment of Grace? Or just one of a few?) Min 42:40

Min 43 – Nazi High Command Officers interrogate Schmidt, who has shown no results. They know his true appearance below the mask and refer to his altered, secret appearance. He shows them some serious results – his research has yielded stunning results. Schmidt is incredibly smarter than Hitler’s planning capabilities. Schmidt dismisses their dismissal of magic – which he regards as superior science baffling mediocre minds. He KILLS the Nazi questioners. Schmidt’s men are incredibly devoted to him. Zola chimes in his Heil when prompted.

This movie brings the Red Skull to life (just like Donner/Hackman did Lex Luthor for me). I always dug his appearance and brains and etc but this movie made him so elegant and so calm and COOL. It harnesses the Nazi art aesthetic to decent (not great) effect.

Carter consoles Steve on the death of Prof Tucci.
Philips and Stark examine the Secret Sub. Philips knows about Hydra and Carter introduces it – it’s the Science Branch of the Nazis led by Johan Schmidt.

Philips is taking the fight to Schmidt. Steve volunteers but Philips rejects him and leaves him behind. But the SENATOR thinks that Steve has Symbol Potential. 47:21 The Senator promises Steve the most important battlefield there is.

Fun & Games Climax
Steve tours the USA selling Victory Bonds and fundraising, performing in a Rockettes dog-and-pony show. he Senator is thrilled and Captain America comics are sold to kids – Steve even starts to BELIEVE HIS OWN PRESS when he chuckles at his staged NewsReel “combat” footage.

Min 50 Steve addresses Men fighting in Europe (Italy). The crowd has no respect for Steve and does not regard him as one of them. They demand Girls and America gives them. Steve walks away, MOMENT OF GRACE – he’s not a real soldier

Steve sketches or journals in the rain, beneath shelter. Carter locates him and challenges him to do more than showboating and fundraising. It’s what Steve already wants. He’s not giving what satisfies his need.
Injured men are dropped off, reminding us/him of the mortality.
Steve discovers that the 107th has been decimated by The Red Skull, Johann Schmidt.
Philips confirms Buchanan is MIA. Philips dismisses Steve as a “chorus girl” and Steve signals that he “understands completely”, studying the map of the POW camp 30 miles into enemy territory.

Agent Carter tries to stop Steve, throwing a jacket over his Captain America uniform. Steve doesn’t understand: she’s not trying to stop him. Carter’s offering him help.

A showgirl discovers her helmet is missing, prepping for the Captain America show.

Carter and a Stark ferry Steve over the night landscape. Stark and Carter may be fonduing. They give Steve a TRANSMITTER and Steve asks if it works… then they’re ATTACKED by planes. Steve leaps out with a farewell to Carter.

Min 57 Dr Zola tells Schmidt the crystals are losing power; Schmidt tells him there are always more workers.

The 107th is held in Schmidt’s Hydra fortress and Steve reconnaisances and notes a convoy entering – Steve catches up on foot and leaps on a truck. He beats two Hydra Troopers and gets into the Base.

Inside, he KO’s a Hydra Trooper with his Show Shield, and then infiltrates deeper into the camp, into the Main Buildings.

Steve beats his way into a laboratory warehouse, pistol drawn as he slips between structures. He sees a GLOWING substance and pockets a DEVICE which he steals, with the Glow inside.

Steve Locates the POW’s and frees them. “I’m Captain America”
Moment of Grace: Steve mistakes a Fresno resident for a Japanese POW. Oops.

Captain America and the POWs storm the Camp Compound and seize weapons.

Schmidt notes the action on CCTV and notes Steve Rogers especially. He launches the COUNTDOWN and suggests Zola evacuate. Zola runs.

Steve fights his way deeper into the Red Skull’s fortress.

Schmidt removes the Power Cube from the tank and Zola packs up all he has, then runs. He sees Steve, Super-Soldier – and runs. Steve enters Zola’s lab and finds: BUCKY, his Friend from the World’s Fair. Bucky can’t believe Steve is really this big and this strong.

The Countdowns reach Zero and the Lab/Camp begins to detonate.

Steve and Buchanan race through the Camp.

Johann Schmidt calls to Captain America. Greets him halfway over a catwalk. Challenges Steve and Steve punches. Johann reveals his true face – 1:05:50 as the Red Skull, and tosses his Schmidt mask away into flames. The Red Skull leaves Steve and Buchanan to die; Steve calls him on “running away”.

The Red Skull has only room for one in his escape pod. He gives Zola the keys to the car. Zola bolts and gets in and starts the Engine as The Red Skull flies off in his Flying Machine.

Buchanan and Steve are trapped; Buchanan barely crosses a catwalk and saves himself with a leap. Steve is left behind. Steve urges Buchanan to save himself.
Steve backs up and makes an impossibly leap of Faith THROUGH A FIREBALL!

Cut To:
Philips Dictation to Typewriter: Captain Steve Rogers is KIA. Carter enters and reports: no sign of activity. He dresses down Carter for sending Steve out. She had Faith. He mocks her. Distracted by noise, they exit and outside they spy….

…Steve Rogers leading the POWs of the 107th home with captured Enemy Technology as a Prize.
Rogers had one final test to pass and that is acceptance, true acceptance, by the Army he was so geared up to join, and now he truly has been. Academics and Agencies and Crowds accept him, now the Military does too.
His first thoughts are for the assistance needed by the wounded; he submits himself for discipline but there will be none. Steve’s transmitter is broke. “Let’s hear it for Captain America!” cries Buchanan, the entire camp applauds.

Steve Rogers has been TRANSFORMED by the American Military into CAPTAIN AMERICA.

Bad Guys Close In
Steve misses out on his Medal Ceremony because he has better things to do. Not a “Bad Guy” per se, but it’s the Opening to More Serious Stakes… Captain America will no longer be doing photo ops.

1:12;00 Steve is in London, planning and analyzing combat strategies with Agent Carter and Philips. Steve wants a team of the best men. His choice is the 107th and POWs. They agree with him.

Steve has a private drink with Buchanan who reminds us that Steve is a “Good Man”…. it’s the scrawny boy who never ran from a fight that Buchanan will follow – he accepts to join Steve’s team.
Agent Carter arrives and suggests dancing to Steve.
Buchanan MOMENT OF GRACE 1:15:10 – he realizes what it was like for Steve to be second string all that time

Stark at StarkLabs discovers the EXPLOSIVE properties of Schmidt’s weapons

Steve tries to meet Philips; Philip’s Licentious Secretary makes suggestive moves and talk and flusters Steve. She drapes him into an alcove for a Stolen Kiss… which Carter walks in on. Now she realizes Steve’s become a soldier like anyone else. Then, she realizes Steve’s just stupid and doesn’t understand that she likes him. She jets.

Steve meets Stark to get a shield. Steve likes the simple one and asks Carter’s thoughts. She SHOOTS him 3X. “Yes! I think it works.” Steve has some ideas about his uniform.

Bad Boys Know How To Have Fun & Games 2
1:18:50 Captain America enters a MONTAGE of world saving heroics in his new costume with his Real Shield, foiling the Red Skull and changing America’s position in the war with his Merry Band of 107th Buds.
On a Newsreel of Steve, Carter sees that in fact, Steve carries her photo in his compass.
Steve continues heroics, hurling destruction at the Red Skull.
The Red Skull is FURIOUS at the failures against “A man with a SHIELD”. He discovers another failure: a survivor claims to have fought to the last man, but the Red Skull thinks: “Evidently not.”


Steve and his Men wait on a cliff in the mountains for a train, strapped to a guywire that drops them into a 10 second window of opportunity to board Dr. Zola’s train.

They enter the Train and begin a search of it’s hi-tech science cars and compartments.
It’s a Trap – Steve and Buchanan are separated by ain Airlock door and must defined themselves separately. Steve uses his brains and shield to defeat a Fierce Gunfighter, and rushes to assis Buchanan.

Steve throws Buchanan a GUN in a Trusting Maneuver and they win — but the Fierce Gunfighter returns and BLOWS the Train OPEN. Steve rushes outside to grab Buchanan but watches his Best Friend plummet to a horrible chasmic death – the scream goes on all the way down. PRIMARY (and Personal) ALL IS LOST

BUT…. they capture Zola.

1:25:20 Zola waits in a cell-like chamber. Notices Blood dripped on floor. Enter Gnl Philips, with steak dinner. Philips notes Zola hasn’t killed himself and surmises Philips wants to live. Philips reveals a message to Zola, about him to Washington, pretending he’s been taken to Switzerland. Poses Zola: it’s you, or Schmidt.
Zola betrays Schmidt and talks: his target is EVERYwhere. A Reverberating, ‘Big Picture’ All Is Lost

Cut to:

Sweeping vista of a GIANT PLANE.
The Red Skull enters in formal coat and gear and announces Victory tomorrow, to an audience of his STormtroopers. He drinks to success and the crowd cheers. The Skull turns to toast and we see his REAL Army, which is ENORMOUS. A Reverberating “Uh Oh the World is Screwed” All Is Lost

Carter and Steve in a broken, bombed environment (is it a bombed bar?) Steve is drinking and is trying to get drunk, but can’t. Dark Night of the Soul His metabolism is 4X faster than average. She assures Steve that Buchanan’s death was not Steve’s fault. Did Steve believe in his friend? Then stop blaming himself.
Steve wants to go after Schmidt, he won’t stop till Hydra is stopped. Vows To Commence Act Three

Stark and Phillips believe Schmidt will wipe out the entire eastern seaboard in an hour. It’s danger time. His last known whereabouts are his Cliffside Laboratory and Steve suggests they just knock on the front door.

Break Into Three
Steve charges on his motorcycle through a FOREST, gadget-defeating sci-tech motorbikes. Then Steve charges and takes out a TANK and leaps over a barricade into an Armed Camp — Steve begins taking fights as the cycle crashes as a BOMB. Hydra forces rally agains Steve and his Shield of Vibranium but he is soon cornered by flamethrowers and caught by 50 Hydra Forces.

Captain America meets The Red Skull – 1:33:30. There are limits to even what Captain America can do, he taunts.
Red Skull grabs onto sibling psychology — he was the first, why did the Father/Scientist like Steve more?
He preps to kill Steve. But it’s a trap — the 107th storm the windows and charge the place. The Red Skull runs as more troops arrive to battle his Hydra forces.

Philips is in the forest with American GIs and Agent Carter. Now they storm the Skull’s camp, braving his hi-tech weaponry and Stormtroopers.

The Red Skull kills GIs and runs.
Captain America gives chase and throws his Shield. It misses the Skull but jams a doorjamb. A FLAMETHROWER holds him down but Agent Carter shoots Steve to safety. He grabs his shield and pursues the Red Skull.

The Red Skull enters a flying fortress and activates systems. He’s on the NEW YORK bound bomber. He taxis for the exit.

Steve enters and fights his way through the hangar, CHASING the Red Skull’s plane. HE’S TOO SLOW!!!


Schmidt guns for freedom. Philips ACCEPTS 1:38:10 Carter’s FAITH IN CAPTAIN AMERICA and launches Jet-Engines to pursue the plane down the Cliffside Runway. MOMENT OF PHILIPS’S GRACE??? Carter gives Steve a kiss and Steve enters the Flying Fortress’s tirewell. Phillips avoids driving off the cliff.

Steve Enters the Flying Fortress 1::39:30, sees the New York bound weapons. Hides from Hdyra Forces then takes them out and chases. Steve KILLS one with a knife throw. Steve kills another opening a Bay Door.
Steve HURLS HIMSELF onto the New York bound jet (bomb?) and Fights a Trooper. Wins. Ejects pilot. Now he is in command. The Red Skull notices the flight deviation and opens defensive Fortress fire.
Steve evades and comes in from behind and CRASHES into the Fortress Hanger Bay to retrieve his Shield.

Steve enters the “Cockpit” (big chamber) and notes the Skull’s empty chair — the Skull attacks from behind. They grapple and fight, around the machinery. Captain’s Shield KOs Red Skull into controls which NOSE DIVE and now America and Skull must Zero Gravity Fight. Red Skull saves the flight. Challenges America udder gunfire: you could have whatever you want. But Steve’s not interested and he DISLODGES the Power Cube from it’s Tank Reservoir. the Red Skull touches Odin’s cube with his hands and he is “destroyed” (probably not I bet) in a stream to another dimension. The Cube melts through the floor and keeps going — it’s gone now.

Steve sits at the pilot’s chair. 1:45:10 He radios for help from Carter: Schmidt’s dead but Steve must force the plane down because it’s headed for New York. He must put it in the water. He accepts his death as “my choice” and begins the dive, setting Carter’s photo out before him. He radios Carter and she fantasy talks him out of the moment into an idyllic date next week at the Stork Club, play-acting Steve’s ability to live beyond this task. He fantasizes with her (who represents England. The reads and interpretations of this movie could fill a million blogs) about his survival and then his radio cuts out.

Carter breaks up.

The wrecked Hull of the Flying Fortress sinks into an ice field, never to be see again (for now)

1:48:20 the War is over and the 107th toasts “to the Captain”

Stark retrieves the Power Cube from the Ocean floor; instructs his team to “just keep looking”

Phillips hands Carter the Official Folder on Steve Rogers and the photo is of him asa skinny nothing back when she first saw him.

But Steve has inspired: fade to CAPTAIN AMERICA shield clutched by a boy, pretending he’s a hero saving the world for good.

A tinny radio.
Steve opens his eyes. Listens.
He’s in his old t-shirt and army pants. It’s a 1930s hospital room. Steve spider-senses something wrong, focused on the RADIO. He challenges the Nurse when she enters because HE WAS ALREADY AT THAT GAME AND HE KNOWS: SHE CAN’T BE TRUSTED.

Steve bolts.

He runs dramatically into 21st Century New York City, stunned by what he encounters on a Code 13 into Times Square. Steve keeps going, until he stops in AWE in Times Square. Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson informs Steve that it’s 70 years later and the world still needs Captain America. Final Image: Captain America in 2011, a man out-of-time Steve reflects on the past and what he has lost and missed: “Yeah. Yeah, I just – I had a date.” THE END, CUT TO BLACK