I hate politics. I ponder quite often trying to write a non-fiction book on the topic. I personally happen to think that the United States is the best overall governance system, on paper; the way the three branches juggle each other is almost as WOW-inducing of a design as the human thumb. It’s as good …
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I hate politics.

I ponder quite often trying to write a non-fiction book on the topic.

I personally happen to think that the United States is the best overall governance system, on paper; the way the three branches juggle each other is almost as WOW-inducing of a design as the human thumb. It’s as good as the geodesic dome. It’s the IKEA of federation. If I were a somewhat well-read farmer in 1769, I believe I would look the system over and vote for it.

I really believe the political parties are evil.

People always scoff at the US: “it’s such a monster”, “they’re so stupid”, “America is flawed”, etc.

I believe they are fundamentally wrong; America is humanity unleashed. America’s flaws are the human flaw in each of us.

The political parties are the flawed, stupid monster. Whatever you hate about America is the work, or rather, treachery, of the political parties. America isn’t as bad as the political parties it allows itself to be run by.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, among others, believed that political parties should be outlawed in America before they could take root; they believed the political parties were a European aristocratic hogwash system of Wrong, just like hereditary crowns.

You may already have read that Jefferson only ever ran for President because Alexander Hamilton was otherwise expected to win (Jefferson didn’t even list “President” as one of the accomplishments he wished listened on his tombstone!). You may know of the great rivalry between these guys; Alexander Hamilton actually had a very different vision of how the new government of America would work; that the President should be elected to a lifetime term, and that only half of Congress would be voted for by the people; the other half of the seats would be appointed, unelected persons (perhaps patterned somewhat on the Lord system in English parliament).

Alexander Hamilton did succeed in establishing the political party system, however, even after Washington warned the country that he felt introducing political party machinery into America would ultimately divide the people against each other.

I think – no, I *KNOW* – that political parties manipulate our memes and our meme systems to make us view each other differently. That’s OBVIOUSLY what they do; that’s OBVIOUSLY what people put money into them TO DO.

Political parties all operate the most cutting-edge “1984”-esque mind manipulation to make us angry at, frustrated with, and suspicious and fearful of one another that we’ll be motivated to go out and vote for them. That’s the whole point of why they exist, for fuck’s sake (pardon my English).

I’m not a non-fiction book author. I have to really give a care to consider whether I have something worth reading or not. But, I believe that if Jesus were today, he’d look around and say that we have to close these meme-machines down. (Heck, I’ll declare that Jesus would drive a bulldozer thru the Democratic and Republican conventions, just like when he tackled the moneylenders). Parties spend billions of dollars to make us regard each other negatively. How could Jesus have possibly abided such an assault on his Prime Directive?

How could Jesus sit back indifferently and watched privileged cliques spend billions of money on making people mistrust and hate one another? I cannot believe that Jesus would not see thru the fraud of political parties.

I really think America is the future of the world; how can it not be??? It’s government of the monkeys for the monkeys by the monkeys themselves; every monkey in the world should want to join the most superiorly designed monkey colony.

If America was playing it’s cards right, it would follow out it’s personal vision of freeing all the entire world. By today, America could have “conquered”, thru peace, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, western and some of eastern Europe, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, some parts of Africa and South/Central America, and could easily be working an India as a new Puerto-Rico style protectorate, to perhaps one day enter as states. Yes, there’d have to be a new, bigger Congress built. Big deal.

Can anyone look me in the face and say honestly and frankly that that is NOT what Jefferson and Franklin and Adams and all these other people didn’t believe in their hearts? They may not have foreseen globalization, but of course they obviously foresaw that America was bigger than New England. Now that globalization is here, American federation is the best route to world stability and human freedom and prosperity.

I mean, Papineau in Quebec were dreaming of establishing a new independent republic including all the entirety of the Americas. And dudes in America weren’t dreaming on a similar scale? Yeah right. Can anyone seriously tell me they didn’t anticipate Olde Englande gazing over in the future and saying, “You know, that’s not bad — maybe you’re right”, and if not joining, then at least demanding a similar republican style government for themselves, too?

America, or rather, American federation, is the best hope for world peace and world prosperity – – and world health (we could fix global warming and any other problem thru a better America). But the political parties have been nailing “government by and for the people” up against the wall for the last hundred years or more, and it’s getting worse and worse and snowballing.

The only anxiety I really have about the future, about ISIS, the Middle East, pollution, or bio-diversity, is that the political parties are dragging America down. Do you believe that America could possibly defeat the Soviet Union again today? They can’t even put a man on the moon anymore.

You know why?

Because it’s not about America any more.

It’s about the political parties.

Could America topple the USSR today? Could America put a human (back) on the moon by the end of this decade?

Only if it benefited the party then in office’s chances of re-election.

That’s what it’s about.

It’s not about you, it’s not about us, it’s not about “democracy” or society or civilization or other ideals. It’s not even about the future. It’s about what benefits the political parties, who have taken “democracy” out of the people’s hands and not clutch it in their own.

Guess what: if you live in Washington, D.C., you don’t get to vote for Congress. Now, most people agree that D.C. residents might as well have their own Congressperson. But that will never happen, EVEN THO THE PEOPLE BELIEVE IT SHOULD. It won’t happen because the political parties are satisfied with fighting in their existing trenches on their established battlefield. They don’t want to mix it up, EVEN THO THE PEOPLE BELIEVE IT SHOULD BE MIXED UP.

The political parties do not represent or implement the people’s will. Duh. When did they ever?

America’s always trying to save the world. If not for political parties manipulating the machinery and wealth and ingenuity of the human spirit, let loose inside America, most of the free world would already belong to an America with healthcare and higher education standards and tighter gun laws and more diversity. America is BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. Most people in the free world believe in healthcare and higher education standards and tighter gun laws and less discrimination in policing and governance. The political parties have marred America and absolutely hampered the idea of spreading of liberty thru-out the lands of the Earth.

Yes, there are multiple reasons why America is off-track today. However the elimination of political parties is one key to saving the world, I believe. (And yes, political parties gum up government machinery outside of America, too.)

There’s no reason you can’t have eight people running for your local seat in Congress; there’s no reason you can’t have 21 candidates. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to choose from five selections all running for President, or 50. The reason we basically “believe” that there “can only be two choices” is because the political parties MAKE us believe that.


Because it benefits them.

Not us.

Political parties are enemies of democracy; they should be abolished and outlawed.