I’m crazy about duoLingo. This app offers the best language learning course I’ve ever (ever) (ever!) (EVER!) taken. And it’s free. At any speed you want to work at. If you want to learn French, Spanish, English, German, Italian, or Portuguese, duoLingo is the last stop you’ll ever need to take. (They’re working on adding …
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duoLingo: The App Of The Century

I’m crazy about duoLingo. This app offers the best language learning course I’ve ever (ever) (ever!) (EVER!) taken. And it’s free. At any speed you want to work at. If you want to learn French, Spanish, English, German, Italian, or Portuguese, duoLingo is the last stop you’ll ever need to take. (They’re working on adding more (and more and more) languages.)

So, basically, I did duoLingo, and having done it, I now speak Spanish. In less than a year. Sometimes I was cramming madly on duoLingo, sometimes I went a week or even three without even opening it, but in less than one year, I have learned to speak, understand, read, and write and appreciate Spanish.

I am far, far, far better in Spanish than most English-Canadians are in French the July after high school. I can understand a Peruvian better than a unilingual French-Canadian, who knows a Latin language already. I am light-eons ahead of any American I personally know who studied Spanish in high school. I am proficient in French yet I hesitate to call myself bilingual and am extremely modest and humble about my skill level; that said, while my Spanish is at a much lower level, I would actually feel comfortable telling an employer that yes, I can speak Spanish, making clear that I am not perfect, but can communicate with any Spanish speaker.

Get onto duoLingo. You don’t even need to thank me! Just commence learning, at your own pace.

There’s a guy at my work who talks often about his time in South America and his love of the Spanish language and his relationships with Spanish girlfriends. I started talking to him in Spanish just yesterday; he had absolutely no idea what I was saying. He was bewildered. I told him about duoLingo and now we’re following one another on the duoLingo score board; he is impressed.

Everyone is different. duoLingo really, really worked for me. I fell in love with how it would feed me new vocabulary nouns along with teaching me a new kind of verb tense (and new verb conjugations). I liked the way these newly-learned lessons would then be integrated into the next lessons with all-new vocabulary and an all-new verb tense (and conjugations). I could feel my Spanish powers developing and growing at times. It was actually sometimes exciting, which is an incredible thing to say about an educational app.

Around two weeks ago, the accumulated lessons really began to assemble in my head, and I found I could often, more or less, at least convey my point across in Spanish. I hit Level 15. I could think in enough basic Spanish sentences to mentally construct sentences about my street and the people in it. Mi vecina tiene una enfermadad muy grave. Otra vecina esta buscando un nuevo trabajo como mesedora. No hubo lloviendo hoy.

I’ve been telling everyone how great duoLingo is; I’ve convinced several people to download the app, or to visit the site. All week I’ve been surprised how (relatively) good my Spanish is. Today, I was surprised to “finish” duoLingo. I did the last lesson! I thought it would just keep on going forever. I’ll still use it, because I often, routinely use its Strengthen Skills! function to keep prior lessons fresh. However, I learned all the verb tenses they have.

I am not saying I am perfectly trilingual. I am not. I still have a lot of work to do and can still handily butcher a Spanish sentence. I would need to copy out verb charts and then fill in blank verb charts to test myself, I would need to socialize and speak in Spanish, I would need to (and definitely will!) watch more DVDs with the Spanish track on (accompanied by the Spanish sub-titles) to be really top-notch in Spanish.

And yet, I am actually better in Spanish than I ever intended to be! I thought it would be nice and useful just to know a little bit. I know a lot! I only know a fraction of the Spanish language’s vocabulary; there are thousands of verbs and nouns I can’t recognize or understand. However I’m more or less ready to move to any Spanish city or region in the world and start a life.

This is a tremendous, top-notch achievement in computation and computing in my opinion. I earnestly congratulate the creators of the duoLingo program.

I’m crazy about duoLingo, and I want you to join my cult! We sacrifice verbs and burn dictionaries and hold up idols of Duo, the green owl logo of duoLingo. If I were Bruce Wayne, I would invest. I would love to give a billion dollars to duoLingo. This application has the math-given power that is here to transform our world. If there’s ever a Universal Translator, get ready for it to be programmed with the duoLingo Operating System. I see such potential for goodness and such potential for humanity in duoLingo; it was an absolute math-send for me.

Get onto duoLingo. If you are bilingual and could contribute to the open-source creation of more duoLingo courses in other languages not yet added, you can join a duoLingo Language Incubator. If you have a smart phone or a tablet, download the duoLingo app. You can also play duoLingo on your computer; just visit www.duolingo.com. (De nada amigo!)

Me gusta bien el sitio duolingo. Es también un programa por los teléfonos. Yo he utilizado este programa durante el año pasado y ahora yo puedo escribir y hablar y leer y entender espagñol. Yo he llegado a la cumbre de la montaña de este curso en la computadora y desde hoy yo soy trilingüe. Si! Ahora soy trilingüe mis conciudadanos! Mis hermanos y hermanas españoles, hola! Yo voy a aprender muchas cosas a cerca de esto lenguaje. Yo voy a mejorar.

Yo he dicho a muchas personas, en mi familia, entre mes amigos, y los vecinos en mi barrio, como me gusta este programa. Yo les he pidió a consiguir el programa o a ir al sitio. Es muy barato. No es caro! Cuanto es el precio del programa, me preguntan? Nada! No tiene un precio! El cuesta nada, no dólares! Menos que un dólar! Muy menos.

Me llamo Jason. Yo tengo un sitio en Internet. Yo puedo escribir un perfil. Me gustan los animales, me gustan los perros y los gatos, yo vivo en la ciudad Toronto donde todo el mundo habla casi cada lenguaje en el planeta, yo no como el azúcar, lo tengo que eliminar!, yo tengo una gata negra y joven, mi padre fue granjero y mi madre todavía es granjera. Mi hermana es granjera y contadora, mi hermano mas alto es conductor, mi otro hermano es el mismo alto que yo y el toca un instrumente por la música. El y sus amigos forman un grupo por tocar la música juntos! A el le gustan su coche y su perra quien se llama Roxy. Mi madre también es una abuela y ella se ocupa de sus otros niños en su hacienda. Yo nunca bebo cerveza pero por mi cumpleaños yo veo un humo verde en mi jardín.

Ser y estar son distintos. Voy a dar unos ejemplos: Soy alto. Estoy feliz que he aprendido pocas palabras y pocas frases en espagñol. Soy ingles. Soy trilingüe. Estoy escribiendo un mensaje para la computadora. Soy un hombre. Estoy en mi cuarto, estoy sentado a mi escritorio. Soy un animal. Soy un niño del universo. Estoy triste que yo no había encontrado esto programa antes ahora. Estoy feliz que lo he encontrado.

Yo tengo algo a decir. Quiero decir algo. Lo que quiero decir es como me gusta el programa duoLingo y la oficina duoLingo y la empresa, el negocio, la compañía duoLingo. Ustedes lo debren obtener!

duoLingo puede ser buen para nuestro planeta y para la humanidad, para todo el mundo. Desde ahora, cada persona puede conocer los otras personas en las otras áreas, los otros regiones, los otros país. Hay un programa que puede cambiar el mundo. El se llama duoLingo. Tiene un signo verde, es una imagen de un pájaro inteligente verde.

El te va a gustar! Este es seguramente cierto. Es la verdad. Esto programa habrá abierto nuestros mientes!