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Double Bill: MAX and THE RAVEN, or “Pseudo-biopics”

MAX is about Adolf Hitler (widely considered to be one the world’s greatest evil world-dominating dictators) while THE RAVEN is about Edgar Allen Poe (widely considered to be a deeply influential genius of dark literature). Not content to settle for boring, real-life stories about these compelling, dark, passionate, intriguing personalities, the filmmakers in both cases chose to make up totally fictitious stories that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with reality or truth, and then cast John Cusack in a starring role as protagonist. Hitler is a struggling artist who is discovered by a well-meaning traitorous Jew who assists Adolf in developing his artistic vision of Nazi world domination, while Poe is dying (NB: that part is actually factually true) and must track down a Serial Killer who murders with inspiration drawn from Poe’s oeuvre. In the reality of this world, only the inspiration for a serial killer can stop him (another fun parallel one can draw to MAX).