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Days Without Sugar: Brought to you by the letter M

I’m not sure how many people will get a Roman numeral reference, but oh well… 🙂   


Too busy on Project GOLDFISH to have possibly pulled this off; thanks to Angela and Bryan for painting the new Count.  That’s what neighbors are for!  Hugs, guys.

I always thought this would be a tiny bit cooler, as in, er, not freehanded last minute after midnite.  Oh well, the show must go on.

It was hard to cut up Cookie Monster for the Letter M sign… I guess it’s just sentimental value.  I’m working on my Buddhism.  It is fun to wonder if anyone will see the Secret Hidden Message behind the M.

1075 days ago seems like last year.  The first 100 was a big deal; getting to 200 was easier, and then it all just became a background blur.

Vice Magazine asked how much all the Dollar Stampeder paint and paper cost… I don’t know!  I estimated 40 or 50 bucks.  However, Time is the most important item.  Not really being able to draw, it took me a lot of effort and energy, but every late nite on the floorboards penciling and painting increased the resolve and shored up the willpower.  It took forever, but it was worth it.

Thanks. Never expected anyone to like this so much.  

Life is sweeter, life is better.  Zero regrets.  None.  Anyone can do it.  Especially you.  Know why?  Because you are special, and you are cool.  You are beautiful.  ART HEALS ALL WOUNDS.