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Adventure: GOLDFISH – Still trying

Even though we have achieved a current running time of 84 minutes (not including credits) (plus I think at least three cuts are ten seconds too fast), this latest update proclaims 91 minutes.  Although I doubt anyone is avidly checking the running time in passing by, it pleases me to not quite let the successful cat out of the bag just yet.  It wa hard to get to 91 minutes, let alone to 87, or 84.

This editor off of craigslist or Mandy thinks it can be 72.  Which would be great.  

No one has seen this yet.  I’m dying to show it to someone.  It’s been over a week.  It’s so hard to get to people to see it…. man, you wonder what the universe is telling you.

Anyways, I still got busy last night.  I only slept a few hours.  I have alot of energy; if only I had a good boss to keep me on a solid track.