Adventure: GOLDFISH – Single reshoot

As much as possible, we should try to get it right the first time.  Still, reshoots happen.

My last big-league challenge in cutting was getting Maverick as The Dog off of James Morley as Ben’s window garden box; between Maverick facing north and south and James’ posture upright or crouching out the window, no takes matched together.  It was one of the big obstacles to climb.  

I found a way to do it, involving a single reshoot: by shooting the Dog’s POV looking in & through the window at the fishtank, this scene can work out just fine, and fairly efficiently, too.

A single lone reshoot isn’t too bad.  Productions often have a day or two or more of reshoots.  I think  we have to give some credit to DOP Derek Barnes here for getting such a surplus of coverage for us.

I had planned on zero reshoots; still, a simple, single reshoot isn’t too bad.  Whew.